Kruševac ROSULJE Airport

Name of the airportLYKS – Kruševac / Rosulјe

Location of the airport The direction and distance from the city is southeast 118̊ and at an aerial distance of 5.1 km from the center of Kruševac, northeast of the settlement of Parunovac.

Geographic coordinates of the airport reference point (determined in accordance with WGS-84)

Geographic coordinates of the airport reference point ARP:

43°33’40” N, 021°22’58” E.

Height of the reference point of the airport (orthometric) – 232.86 m.

Airport reference point location: 148 GEO/410M od THR 14

Direction and distance from city center 118º GEO / 5100 m.

Airport Elevation and Geoid Ripple

Airport Elevation – ELEV: FT 767 (234m),

Magnetic Variation – MAG VAR / Annual Change 5º E (2020),   

Geoid Ripple – 147 ft (45M).

Treshold 14 – THR 14

Elevation of the threshold – THR ELEV                           230m                        753 ft
Geographic coordinates of the threshold / g.koor. end                                43°33’50.93” N, 21°22’48.73” E

Threshold 32 – THR 32

Elevation of the threshold – THR ELEV                           232m                        762 ft
Geographical coordinates of the threshold / g.coor. end                                43°33’28.37” N, 21°23’08.03” E

Airport reference temperature – 29,9º C (JUL)

Physical characteristics of the runway

PSS Geographic direction (in degrees) dimensions (M) Classification number pavement structures (PCN) of the PSS surface and stopping track Coordinates of the start of the PSS and coordinates of the end of the PSS Basic track dimensions (M) Altitude of the threshold and and the highest point of the touch zone of the precision approach PSS
14 148.10 820 x 23

21 F/C/X/T


43°33’50.93” N,
21°22’48.73” E
43°33’28.37” N,
21°23’08.03” E
940 x 80

THR 230m     753 ft

Not applicable

32 328.11 820 x 23

21 F/C/X/T


43°33’28.37” N,
21°23’08.03” E
43°33’50.93” N,
21°22’48.73” E.
940 x 80

THR 232m     762 ft

Not applicable

Due to the following phases of the airport expansion, the roadway construction was made for aircraft code letter “C”. The PSS has sufficient load capacity to withstand normal operations of the most demanding “B” aircraft, without the risk of damage to the aircraft or the runway.

The longitudinal slope of the PSS is,

  • 14                    +0,9%(300m),+0,4%(350m),-0,3%(50m),-0,8%(120m)
  • 32                    +0,8%(120m),+0,3%(50m),-0,4%(350m),-0,9%(300m)

The safety goal of limiting the longitudinal slope of the PSS is to enable stabilized and safe use of the PSS by aircraft.

The cross slope of the PSS is 1.5%. The safety goal of cross slopes on the PSS is to achieve the fastest drainage of water from the PSS.