28.02.1995. – by the decision of the Kruševac Municipal Council, the JP “Aerodrom Rosulje” was established.

1996 – According to the adopted Regulatory Plan “Rosulje Airport” in Kruševac published (Official Gazette of the Municipality of Kruševac no. 7/96 and 05/03), the construction of an airport with the reference code “2B” is planned.

The existing Koširsko Polje airport, it occupied an attractive area that was planned by the planning document for the intensification of business activities and the construction of business production capacities and foreign investments, the company, “Kromberg&Schubert”, LIDL, NEPI, etc.

From 2007 to 2014, land was purchased in the total amount of 36,492,610.00 dinars, about 40.83 ha, the boundaries of the cadastral municipalities of the Kapidžija municipality were changed to the Parunovac municipality, so that all plots belonging to Rosulje Airport are located in one cadastral municipality, that is, the Parunovac municipality.

After obtaining approval from the Directorate for civil aviation on the planning technical documentation, the implementation of the project was started.

12.12.2016. a construction permit was issued for the construction of Rosulje airport (first phase), and in January 2017 In 2008, the City Administration of the city of Kruševac announced a public procurement – Construction of infrastructure at “Rosulje Airport” and signed a contract on the construction of Rosulje Airport with Tehnogradnja Kruševac.

20.09.2018. – The Government of the Republic of Serbia made a Conclusion on the acceptance of the Report on the situation at Rosulje Airport (conclusion 05 number: 343-5879/2019), as a response to the initiative of the City of Kruševac to the line ministry – the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the RS, to provide additional financial and technical assistance that is necessary for the development of Rosulje Airport.

In April 2019, the General Regulation Plan East 5 was adopted (JP for urban planning and design Kruševac).

24.04.2019. – The Assembly of the City of Kruševac passed the Decision on joining the implementation of the transfer of JP “Rosulje Airport” to the Republic of Serbia (I number 023-68/19), and regarding the conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (05 No. 343-5879/2019 dated 13 June 2019) which orders the City of Kruševac and JP “Aerodrom Rosulje” to carry out activities and take measures in order to implement the recommendations, in order to realize the transfer of property, rights and obligation of JP “Aerodrom Rosulje” from the city of Kruševac to the Republic of Serbia.

20.09. 2019. The Assembly of the town of Kruševac passed the Decision on the transfer of public property rights of the City of Kruševac to the public property of the Republic of Serbia by direct contract and without compensation on real estate on the construction land that makes up the “Rosulje” airport complex (I number: 464-3/19).

10.02.2020. – Contract on the construction of a hangar was signed with doo Građing, value 9,727,400.00 dinars, and on June 3, 2020. In 2008, a construction contract was signed – execution of works at Rosulje airport with SK Montinženjering, value 12,000,890.00 dinars without VAT.

26.10.2021. – the merger with – “Aerodromi Srbije” DOO Niš was carried out.

In 2021, the General Regulation Plan East 5 in Kruševac was amended and supplemented for the urban area 8.6. (JP for urban planning and design Kruševac), for the total area of ​​the complex of 42H85a67m2.

In 2021, a hangar was built to house general aviation aircraft and gliders, as well as a 20x30m platform. In May 2021, the design and technical documentation was prepared for the construction of a RUNWAY WITH ASSOCIATED RUNWAY, PERIMETER ROAD AND FENCE OF THE AIRPORT COMPLEX OF ROSULJE AIRPORT AT K.P. 3177 K.O. PARUNOVAC – (Neo aerodromes engineering doo).

21.06.2021. 25.05.2022. and 07.06.2022. – signed contract on construction works on construction of runway, taxiway, base runway, drainage system, perimeter road and fence with PD Tehnogradnja total value 283,922,209.16 dinars without VAT.

By decision of the Directorate of Civil Aviation from 02.03.2022. No. 4/3-01-0041/2021-0004, the license to use the Kosirsko Polje airport, which was issued to the aero club Mihajlo Živić, is invalidated.

18.04.2022. – a signed contract on the execution of construction works on the installation of electricity cables and ground floor arrangement of the Rosulje airport with PD Tehnogradnja with a total value of 14,964,763.24 dinars excluding VAT.

20.06.2022. year – all the contracted works were completed, and on June 21.06. 2022. a decision was issued on the issuance of a permit for the use of the airport, number 4/3-08-0005/2021-0011.